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2022,  Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

2021,  Elected to the Internet Hall of Fame

2020,  Elected Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (NAI)

2020, SIGCOMM Best Student Paper for Groot DNS Verification

2017, Elected to the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE)

2015, Distinguished Alumnus Award (DAA), IIT-Mumbai

2014, ACM SIGCOMM Lifetime Award for ``sustained and diverse contributions to network algorithmics, with far reaching impact in both research and industry''

2014,  IEEE Koji Kobayashi Award for Computers and Communications for "contributions to the field of network algorithmics and its applications to high-speed packet networks"

2014, SIGCOMM Best Paper for "Distributed Congestion Aware Load Balancing"

2014, IETF Applied Networking Research Prize 2014 for "Header Space Analysis"

2013, Best Paper ANCS 2013, for "Design Principles for Packet Parsers"

2010-2011, Distinguished Visitor, Department of Computer Science, Stanford University

2008, OSDI Best Paper for "Harnessing Memory Redundancy"

2002, Inducted as ACM Fellow

2001, Best Teacher Award in Computer Science, UCSD,

1997, Big Fish, Mentor of the Year Award, Washington University.

1996, ONR Young Investigator Award 

1996, PODC Best Student Paper 

1993, Sproull Prize for best MIT Thesis in Computer Science.

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